Partnering with Hackers

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Partnering with Hackers
June 28, 2021

This week on Beers with Bad Guys, I sat down with Managing Partner Kevin Conley to talk about Secure Network Strategic Partners. Secure Network has partners across the country and in a number of countries around the world. We do penetration testing and the forensics behind your company’s network. Then our partners come in as the engineering talent to make the best overall experience for our clients. 

Our Strategic Partners help with; managed services, security technologies and ongoing advisement. Secure Network really focuses on the penetration testing and incident response their Strategic Partners come in to fill in the needed gaps. The Partners are certified specialists who combined with Secure Network can make sure the job is fully covered. 

When you work with Secure Network we will give you a very detailed report saying everything that is wrong or right. Then our partners can come in to help  fix all of the potential holes in your network. Having an incident is the worst day of your life. So take all of the proper precautions beforehand. 

If you have any interest in being a Strategic Partner please contact Secure Network Technologies here. If you want to watch the last Beers with Bad Guys episode please click here. 

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