Because there's no shortage of bad people


Secure Network Technologies, Inc is an independent information security consulting firm headquartered in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1997, Secure Network has been providing expert information security assessment services to companies across a wide range of verticals, domestically and internationally.

We have earned the trust of hundreds of clients by being their independent information security partner. We do not sell hardware, software, managed or remediation services. Our boutique, concentrated approach allows us to stay objective while always serving in our clients best interest.





It's not a matter of if you'll get breached, it's matter of when. Criminals are using sophisticated malware and attack vectors to compromise your network. It is vital to know how far an attacker has penetrated your network, what systems have been compromised, and what data has been exfiltrated. 

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing has become not only a staple in compliance frameworks, but an essential test to identify security weaknesses throughout your network. SNT replicates an attackers methodology and attempts to find and exploit all network vulnerabilities.

Employees will always be your weakest link. Secure Networks has spent years analyzing how attackers are exploiting human trust. We replicate those attack vectors to ensure that your employees get a real-world test without the real-world consequences.