Advanced Engineering Services

Microsoft Office 365 Security Review

An Office 365 Security Review is a comprehensive assessment of the security measures, configurations, and practices within an organization’s Office 365 environment. It is designed to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and make recommendations to enhance the security posture.

Payload & Delivery Penetration Test

Secure Network’s Payload and Delivery testing will assess customer host based and perimeter-based security solutions as well as application control configurations and relevant GPOs. SNT applies a consistent and reproduceable approach that combines comprehensive identification and validation of risk-based vulnerabilities.

Assumed Breach Penetration Test

Secure Network’s Assumed Breach penetration test will determine what actions can be taken by a threat actor that has successfully gained access to the internal network from an external context, such as phishing an employee or exploiting an externally facing host.

Active Directory Penetration Test

Secure Network’s Active Directory penetration test will determine what actions can be taken by a threat actor that has successfully gained user access to the internal domain. This test will assess and discover the most likely attack paths, to include any multi-chain or in-depth attack paths, that could be used by the attacker to move laterally and escalate privileges throughout the customer domain.

Phishing Campaign Penetration Test

Secure Network’s Phishing Campaign penetration test will determine the likelihood of a threat actors’ ability to compromise the customer domain via spear phishing. This test will implement malware and Command and Control (C2) typically seen in real world attacks to illustrate the most likely attack paths that would be used by an attacker.

Red Team Security Assessment

A Red Team Security Assessment is an authorized simulated attack on a company’s security infrastructure. The purpose of the test is to identify weaknesses in the system that could potentially be exploited by malicious actors. Their job is to simulate a real-world attack by exploiting vulnerabilities in the target’s network, applications, or physical security.