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Microsoft Office 365 Security Review

Microsoft Office 365 Security Review

Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes a variety of applications and services, such as email, document sharing, and collaboration tools. As with any technology platform, it is important to assess the security of Office 365 to ensure that sensitive data and systems are protected against cyber threats. An Office 365 assessment is a type of cybersecurity assessment that evaluates the security of an organization’s Office 365 environment.

Planning Phase

During the Planning phase, SNT will collaborate with customer Point of Contacts (PoC) to discuss Scope, Rules of Engagement, and to outline what to expect during the Office 365 Security Review. Senior Information Security Engineers will be involved with PoC planning meetings to detail engagement information and to answer any questions or concerns.

Reconnaissance Phase

Starting with the Reconnaissance phase, SNT will perform an initial assessment of the client’s Office 365 environment. We will also review existing security policies, configurations, and access controls.

Exploitation Phase

The Exploitation phase will begin with the Identification of security gaps and vulnerabilities. SNT with then analyze user access controls and permissions, evaluate data protection measures, including data encryption and backup. We will also review email security configurations and examine multi-factor authentication (MFA) implementation.

Post-Exploitation Phase

The Post-Exploitation phase continues with the assessment of auditing and monitoring capabilities.

Reporting Phase

The Reporting phase will occur after the conclusion of testing with the development of a comprehensive security report with findings and recommendations.


The final phase is the Deliverables Phase. Upon completion of the Office 365/Cloud Security Review, a detailed security assessment report outlining findings and vulnerabilities along with recommendations for security improvements, including prioritized action items.