Get hacked

so you don’t get hacked

Get hacked

so you don’t get hacked


Secure Network Technologies, Inc is a full service information security consulting firm based out of Syracuse, NY. Secure Network offers the widest range of security and investigative services with a large client base both domestically and internationally. Since 1997, Secure Network has been one of the largest growing and highly publicized security firms in the United States, with research and articles featured in powerhouses such as Dark Reading, The Wall Street Journal, Tripwire Magazine, among others.



SNT utilizes methodologies obtained through certifications from the NSA/IEM, as well as other certifying bodies such as Offensive Security and EC-Council. SNT takes a blackbox approach to assessing your network infrastructure, attempting to identify every aspect of your network and employees during our initial open source intelligence gathering phase. This gives you a true view of what an attacker can passively gather without any interaction with your employees.



We are, admittedly, a unique group of individuals. Our backgrounds range from a variety of verticals and we have been proven to think outside the box. What makes us different is:

  • Information Security is our ONLY business. We do not sell hardware, software, managed solutions or products. Our clients know our finding are completely objective and in their best interest.
  • Our staff consist of highly trained and certified cybersecurity veterans who focus on the offensive side of information security.
  • We understand the cybersecurity headaches your organization faces. Our job is help you become more secure and act as an independent information security partner.
  • We’re not afraid to take on challenges. We find the most challenging tasks the most enjoyable ones!

rebuild your defenses

against future threats.

We’re ethical hackers who put security technologies and networks to the test for the nation’s leading corporate and government entities. Where other security providers run conventional tests, we lead the warpath against malicious actors, giving us the cutting edge of experience and insight combined with proprietary and industry-leading technologies to secure your organization against its most present threats. Why? Because there’s no shortage of bad people.