Network Security Assessments & Penetration Tests

Secure Network Technologies, Inc. understands the dynamic threats facing businesses today and will work with your staff to develop a solution that works. Secure Network staff are certified by the National Security Agency’s IAM/IEM.


External Assessment

Securing the perimeter of your network is essential in ensuring that your network can withstand blows from malicious attackers. External Penetration Testing or “hacking from the internet” identifies what malicious attackers can find, see, exploit, and how far an attacker can penetrate once a network foothold is gained.


Internal Assessment

Most networks are like candy, hard on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. Security conscious professionals know that having a hardened interior network is just as important as having a hardened perimeter. Internal Penetration Testing assesses the security from the point of view of a corporate bad seed, disgruntled employee, or an attacker who has breached the perimeter through other means.


Wireless Security Assessment

WiFi in corporate settings has been increasing in popularity over the last decade. With weak WiFi security controls, an attacker could breach the perimeter of your network and access critical data, putting your company in the security breach hot seat. A Wireless Penetration Test will identify what mechanisms are in place to protect your wireless network and identify the current controls are sufficient in preventing unauthorized access to your network and data.


Analog Security Assessment

The analog assessment or “War Dial” is conducted to test the security of all devices with an analog connection such as telephones and modems. The organization’s entire range of telephone numbers are dialed and tested for known security vulnerabilities.