We safely hack your organization much like a Criminal Would…. So You Can Harden Your Digital Defense.

Secure Network Technologies is a team of highly trained, specialized and experienced white hat hackers. We take the time to do the deep research required to understand how your adversaries are planning to crack your network… then we employ the same tactics to give you the blueprint. We don’t just run scans, we run attack simulations that prepare your organization for the worst. Here’s how it works…

Explore the Process that Our Ethical Hackers
Use to Secure Your Network

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Malware Testing

We research and test various crimeware kits, viruses and malware against your network (in a safe and isolated duplicate environment) to ensure the efficacy of your existing protocol.


Email Systems

We test your email systems and internal policies to ensure you’re properly defending against malicious emails, and that your team can understand what SPAM, Phishing and Vishing looks like. (Training Sessions Available)


Network Port Security

We examine all vulnerable network ports to ensure your network policies and conventions are doing their job. We’ll make recommendations for corrective measures in our report at the end of the penetration test.


System Configurations

We’ll test and make corrective recommendations for system configurations that malicious hackers love to exploit.


Credentials & Authentication

We’ll examine all network credentials, configurations, policies and procedures surrounding your team’s hardware and software authentication. Your report will include all conceivable vulnerabilities and best recommendations for remediation.


Software Vulnerabilities

We can perform a deep-dive into any proprietary or third-party service software your organization uses to identify bugs and vulnerable objects that a hacker could exploit. This is particularly important when dealing with sensitive customer and vendor data, as well as handling major or frequent transactions.


Security Software & Services

We’ll examine your existing network and system security tools, policies and managed services (such as endpoint protection) to identify security gaps and make recommendations for closing them.


Attack Simulation

We can run a full-scale attack simulation on a specific network, user group or across your entire organization, providing a detailed report of all security vulnerabilities and the recommended steps to repair it at every level.


Firewall Testing

We can test all hardware and software based firewalls and other connection-based security implementations and make recommendations for repairing their configurations, policies and settings.


Social Engineering

We can test your organization’s readiness for all the sneaky ways a hacker might work to gain access to your systems and premises. Whether it be leaving an infected USB in the parking lot, faking corporate ID cards or posing as the delivery guy – we can ensure your team knows what to do when they come across these sneaky tactics.


Data Systems Security

We’ll examine your internal and external data solutions such as servers, cloud providers and remote access conventions for security holes. We’re also able to test your redundant backup systems and ensure hackers don’t have access to your critical infrastructure. Recommendations for remediation will be included in our comprehensive report so you can make sure your business doesn’t grind to a halt in the event of an incident.


Mobile & NFC Endpoints

We’ll test mobile devices, NFC devices and other “in-the-field” endpoints to ensure hackers are not able to leverage them for entry into your network. You’ll recieve a full report on how to fix the configurations and policies to secure these devices.


Access Control Testing

We’ll examine any access control systems and associated hardware used to control network or premise authentication for security gaps and vulnerabilities. We’ll provide a detailed report for remediation.


Failsafes & Responders

We’ll examine how your system alerts and notifications reach the right internal network support personnel (such as your IT team). Certain configurations or settings can be leveraged by an attacker to prevent your system failsafes from triggering and notifying the right person to do something about it. We’ll provide recommendations for remediation in our comprehensive report.

Will identify vulnerable public ports
Will identify all vulnerable internal and external network ports
Tests if a system or network configuration can be exploited or bypassed
Identifies how an intelligent attacker might bypass those configurations anyways
Identifies security policies and configurations that might leave your network vulnerable
Identifies exactly which entry points an attacker might exploit and how they would hack you