Get protected at every level of your organization, all managed with one easy service

HAVEN is a network of CPA’s, attorneys, IT professionals and Security Specialists all managed under the roof of one easy-to manage service, with one contact to worry about. No more managing your compliance certifications, security conventions and incident response. You’re covered and managed with HAVEN. When a cyber security incident does rear it’s ugly head, HAVEN jumps into action and coordinates the reputation management, security response, legal concerns and more. You’ll stay informed and protected so you can get back to what you do best.

We Bring Together all the elements of effective security… So You Can save time, stay protected and give your best.

HAVEN brings together all the professionals you need to manage your digital security with ease. From accountants & CPA’s to ethical hackers, law enforcement and attorneys – HAVEN has you covered from end-to-end.

Ditch the rolodex, forget the hassle and get it all in one place with HAVEN – your holistic solution for managing and resolving the worst events that can happen to a business… a cyber crime that could cost your reputation and millions of dollars in damages..



Reduce 5-7 contact points required for total security to one easy contact point
Get a standing letter grade for current business security based on the investigation of qualified security, financial & legal professionals
Get immediate incident response support without juggling calls between lawyers and cyber insurance agencies
Get a coordinated incident response that includes legal, financial, insurance and security actions to protect your organization immediately
Consolidate all these services into one easy-to-manage payment, with one simple point of contact
Remove the confusion of managing these services for total business-wide protection
Doing It Yourself
H.A.V.E.N. Security
* HAVEN and Secure Network Technologies do not provide I.T. remediation services.