Hacked for the Holidays…

Holidays are hackers’ jolliest time of year. Why? Because you’re out of the office.

When You’re Popping the Bubbly
They’re Cracking Your Network.

Cyber criminals are typically snooping around in your network for an average of 180 days before they take action. That action tends to come on a day when no one is at the office to realize something fishy is going on… and that day tends to be a holiday of ANY sort. That’s because they know your office is likely to be empty. How does it happen? Check out the info graphic below to learn more. And while you’re at it… why not give your organization the gift of real cyber security protection this year by signing up for a free consult with us?

Why Are You Targeted Specifically On the Holidays?

They’re Already In!

Hackers are snooping around in a victim’s network for an average of 180 days before they attack. At that point, they’ve already done a lot of the pre-crime legwork, such as gathering intelligence on your organization, phishing and vishing your team for login credentials, downloading sensitive company data and mapping all your network ports, backup systems and more.

There’s little you can do about this if you haven’t been working with an experienced Cyber Security team like Secure Network Technologies.

… And They Already Know How TO Attack.

At this point, an experienced cyber criminal will have already downloaded sensitive data in preparation for holding you ransom. They’re now checking out your team’s patterns of access, work schedules, company hours and more to plot their attack.

They’re just waiting for an opportune time to spring a malware or ransomware attack. Luckily for them, the holidays are coming and you’re not expecting the truckload of burning coal they’re about to drop on your company.

You’re Ready to Celebrate. So are they.

While you’re sipping white russians, pouring champagne, lighting fireworks or carving turkey… they’re leaving a neat little ransomware package in your inboxes, frequently used files and more. All under the cover of an empty office. 

They Left You a Present. You won’t like it.

Some malware and ransomware has already been at work in your system… either on a time delay or assisting the hacker with their system access. Some simple signature changes can evade your virus scan software with ease. There’s no going back now, your network has been compromised and there’s something waiting for you when you return from your holiday reprieve.

It’s Already Too Late. Now You’re In Response Mode…

At this point the damage is done. You realize your systems are locked up, your backup servers aren’t responding and there’s a glaring red screen telling you to pay up or lose your files. Sometimes these ransoms will demand you pay the attacker hundres of thousands or millions of dollars to recover your data and unlock ransomware encryption.

You’ve been hit, and it’s too late to do anything to mitigate the damage. This is why it is so important to work with a security partner before criminals have a chance to get a foothold.

Now you’re in Incident Response mode – you’re just trying to get your files back and your business back on track. A trusted security partner like Secure Network Technologies can help you negotiate down your payments.

However, it would be better if you never got to this point. Contact us today for a free consultation, and avoid this disaster altogether by investing in regular penetration testing and other cyber security services that can identify security gaps and uninvited guests, fill the gaps in your network configurations and ultimately prevent disasters like these.

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