Why We Are the

Best Cyber Security Team

for Managed Service Providers

With the digital security landscape of today, your clients need more than the right software. They need more than endpoint protection and firewalls. They need a team of ethical hackers who know just what the bad guys are up to – and how to stop them.

Secure Network Technologies is a team of highly trained, certified and experienced information security engineers dedicated to hardening networks against criminal activity. Learn why your MSP organization needs a team like ours to give your customers the protection they need.

Great Margins

Highly competitive margins on services sold by our MSP partners. Increase your bottom line and expand your service offering by partnering with Secure Network Technologies today.

Fast Turnaround

We provide industry-best turnaround time to ensure your clients’ needs are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sales Leads

We partner with our MSP’s and provide sales leads to help them grow their digital security services.

White Label, Co-Brand or 3rd Party

Secure Network’s services can be white labeled under your brand, offered as a cobranded service or brought in as a third party.

We Will Not Sell To Your Customers

Our relationships with all of our MSP organizations is built on an unshakable foundation of trust.

Certified Infosec Engineers - OSCP, OSEP, CISSP, RED TEAM

Our engineers are certified to the highest standard of achievement in cybersecurity, combined with years of proven field experience.

25 Years of Cyber Security Experience

We’ve been in business since 1997 – well before cyber security was a common thread with businesses worldwide.

Ethical, Honest, Trusted.

We learn the same techniques the bad guys use to defeat networks. We use that knowledge with the highest dedication to ethics.

Grow Your Product & Service Sales

You’re already providing outstanding services to your clients. Why not cross-sell, upsell and increase the average size of your contracts?

We're the best & the bad guys know it

Bad guys like an easy target. With us in your bullpen, your customers will never be left unprepared or unsecured.

Join Dozens of Satisfied MSP Partners…

Work With the Best Ethical Hacking Team in the Industry.

Sign up here for a special introductory meeting with one of our dedicated Cyber Security Specialists today. You’ll meet some of our talented and experienced Information Security Engineers, hear some war stories and learn about the skills, expertise and tools that truly make Secure Network Technologies stand above the rest.