Digital Theft

Is here to stay in the
Financial Industry.

Secure Network Cracks the Vault Before the Bad
Guys Can.

When it comes to ensuring your financial services business or institution is fortified, traditional digital security measures fall short. SOC Certification is only the beginning – our forensic investigators and ethical hackers go to work on every aspect of your network. What you’ll receive is a deeply thorough report of all potential vulnerabilities, an action plan for remediation and the ongoing due-diligence of regualar penetration testing & analysis.

Why is it Important? Liability & Reliability.

Account Information

Customer accounts represent more than just their capital investments – it represents an entire identity that is highly valued and highly targeted by sophisticated cyber criminals. Making sure your institution exceeds security standards set by the FDIC and other regulatory bodies means working with a team that understands how the bad guys do their dirty work.

Redirected Payments

Social engineering is a major problem. It’s a technique masterfully used by hackers to gain access to customer accounts and even your financial institution’s servers and core web services. Secure Network Technologies not only knows how to harden your network against evolving cyber threats, but can train your team and help you develop next-generation conventions for deterring these sophisticated attacks.

Insider Information Protection

It’s not just direct account information cyber criminals are after. Both solo hackers and hacking teams often are seeking data that can inform trades, corporate competitors, nation states and other nefarious organizations who seek to unethically and fraudulently cash in on that informational advantage. Virtually anything that can be sold to an unethical buyer or used to unjustly enrich themselves is a target for hackers. Get protected with a team that knows how to think like the bad guys so you can get ahead of their tactics.

Security for the Microtrading Edge

Microtrading is a monster segment of the financial industry. When trades occur at a nanosecond pace, the slightest data leak can mean unjust billions for fierce competitors seeking to give themselves an unethical edge. Consult with us today to learn how comprehensively locking down your organization on every front can protect your sound microtrading practices.

Your Comprehensive Approach to Hardened Security
at Every Layer.

Scans and standard approaches to digital security are no longer enough to stand against the constant changes and evolving threats against businesses small and large. It’s hitting every industry and from every corner of the earth; if your organization is successfully helping others achieve their goals then hackers can see you as a target for ransomware and data theft. Learn how a comprehensive security layer at every level of your organization can help.