Education & Research

Why Higher Education Puts Their Trust In Secure Network for Higher Security &

Network Protection 

Higher Education and Research Departments know the importance of securing their data, intellectual property, reputation and more. Experiencing a cyber attack can cause more than just setbacks and reputation damage. Explore the real reasons higher education departments trust Secure Network to lock down their data and networks here.

Personal Data Loss

Personal data privacy is extremely important for administrative professionals, instuctors students and researchers alike. Personal data such as social security numbers, residential addresses, socioeconomic status and more are implicit in individual files at your organization – and are a very common target for hackers. An experienced team like Secure Network Technologies can identify every vulnerability that might expose this information.

Zoom Calls & Remote Learning

Gleaning intellectual property, technical conversations and discovery exercises are of prime importance to hackers seeking to sell that information to foreign entities and corporate competitors. Secure Network can help your organization secure your communications.

Financial Records

Higher Education specifically is a source of individual financial information such as social security numbers, financing and financial aid information, grants, scholorships and more. This sensitive information is a target for identity theft, credit fraud and more. Secure Network can identify the ways hackers would bypass your security policies, enabling you to harden your resistance and mitigate liability.

Reputation Damage & Associated Costs

Reputation damage is a major concern after experiencing a cyber attack. The personal data exposure of student, faculty and professionals can create a massive liability scenario for higher education and research organizations. Direct financial loss is also a major problem with the advent of social engineering and redirected payment attacks, often resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Secure Network can identify your security gaps and train your faculty and staff to prevent these types of crippling or fatal disasters.