Healthcare & Medical technologies

Your Patients Can Trust your practice With Surgical cyber security.

When your patients’ care is at stake, data security makes all the difference. Hackers are skilled not only at getting past physical security, but seek to extract data related to your patients, staff and health records. More disturbingly, we’ve seen trends that give hackers access to medical IoT devices directly critical to the health of your patients. Protect your organization and the people who rely on your best caregiving and life-saving efforts – work with a security team that knows how to think like the bad guys.

Digital & Physical Security for Patient Safety

Your patients rely on a secure network for a multitude of reasons – most importantly, to protect their personal and medical information. Details such as social security numbers, residential addresses, personal health files and more must be kept secure to ensure a high level of pricacy and care for your patients.

Additionally, patients must be sure their care is entrusted to you in a safe and secure atmosphere. The team at Secure Network Technologies is specialized in securing your physical premises and security protocol in addition to your digital networks.

Device Security

Ensuring the devices on your network are secure is a critial component of digital security. Often your professional staff may by issued devices such as mobile phones, pagers, tablets and care management devices. These devices represent a potential vulnerability for cyber criminals seeking access to your medical facility’s network. Secure Network Technologies can lock down your devices and deliver a device security plan that will keep your patients safe.

HIPAA & Medical Data

Secure Network Technologies is able to help your organization meet and exceed HIPAA requirements. Since HIPAA and other regulatory standards represent only minimum recommendations for protecting your patient data, we always go the extra mile to ensure your organization exceeds those standards and is truly defended against cybercrime. Contact us today for a consultation and learn the difference that working with an experienced red team can make.

Medical "Internet of Things"

IoT, “Internet of Things”, connects all your devices across your network. As this convention becomes a standard for your facility, it also presents new challenges for your network security. Secure Network Technologies is experienced with developing a network roadmap that ensures your IoT devices like IV pumps, health status monitors and more remain isolated from outside access and the perfue of cyber criminals.