Hospitality, Retail & Consumer Market

Don’t Let Your Customers get

More Than They Bargained For

Your customers need to trust that they’re in good hands when they book a stay, purchase your products or eat at your establishment, right? Cyber criminals seek to extract personal data like social security numbers, credit card numbers, itineraries and more. In consumer-based markets, fraudulent products and fake payment processors can give your customers much more than they bargained for – in a bad way. Securing your hospitality or commerce business is more affordable than you may think – and much more affordable than the fallout that comes from losing customer trust. Contact us today for a consultation and lock down your digital security conventions in excess of industry standard requirements.

Protect Your Customer Data

Hospitality, retail and commerce have a few things in common: Financial Transactions and Customer Data. Both of these things are a common target of hackers seeking credit card numbers and identity. Our digital security partners can help your business meet and exceed digital security regulatory standards like PCI Compliance, however your clients deserve better than meeting those minimum requirements. When you work with Secure Network Technologies, you’ll make sure you protect your customers beyond compliance and ensure customer loyalty.

Ensure Your Guests Enjoy Their Stay

Your guests expect an outstanding experience – their patronage and your reputation depend on it. Working with with the right security team is the best way to ensure your customers never experience the damaging experience of data or financial compromise. Secure Network Technologies is experienced in securing your network and data so your guests never have to worry about anything other than enjoying their time with you.

Avoid Data Lockups & Shutdowns

Hackers look for critical events they can take advantage of. For instance, if a large sporting event or performer is coming to town, your hospitality business can expect a major flood of business. That’s the perfect time for a cyber criminal to deploy ransomware on your network, lockling up your reservations until you pay a massive ransom. Secure Network Technologies can help you avoid a logistical nightmare that would fatally cripple your business at critical times such as this. Contact us today for a consultation.