Tech Sector, I.T. & InfoSecurity

Fight Fire with Fire… hire hackers

To protect your clients & Networks from Hackers

Whether your an I.T. provider, an Information Security Agency or the next great tech innovator – you have to protect your own network in excess of how you may be serving your customers. A red team like Secure Network Technologies can harden your security so your clients, intellectual property and more are secured against the evolving tactics and trends of cyber criminals.

Secure Yourself Like You Secure Your Clients

Working in I.T. or Information Security requires its own SOC compliance. However, compliance often only covers the minimum requirement for protecting your clients. When you work with Secure Network Technologies, you’ll not only meet and exceed your SOC compliance certification requirements, you’ll gain a partner who actively researches dark-net crime kits, provides a deep quality of penetration tests and much, much more.

Secure Your Digital Product Development

Are you a tech firm developing applications and digital tools for consumer or business markets? Secure Network Technologies can secure your entire network and suite of services, in addition to pen-testing your entire app infrastructure. We’ll identify all the vulnerabilities in all the ways a cyber criminal would, and deliver a roadmap that will ensure the security of your users.

Defend Against Data Lockups & IP Hacks

Whether your a tech services company or a development house, your operation depends on the security of your networks and the protection of your data. Hackers target data for ransomware and intellectual property for it’s high value to foreign entities or corporate competitors. Don’t fall victim to these criminal efforts – contact Secure Network Technologies today and partner with a digital security team that understands the tactics and methods bad guys use to compromise your network.

Reputation Damage & Associated Costs

Reputation damage is a major concern after experiencing a cyber attack. The personal data exposure of your clients, users and staff can create a massive liability scenario that can cost millions and spell out a death sentence for your organization. Direct financial loss is also a major problem with the advent of social engineering and redirected payment attacks, often resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Secure Network can identify your security gaps and train your faculty and staff to prevent these types of crippling or fatal disasters.