Announcing PROSINT – An Open-Source Intelligence Division of Secure Network Technologies

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Announcing PROSINT – An Open-Source Intelligence Division of Secure Network Technologies

Secure Network Technologies, Inc. – January 24th 2020

Secure Network Technologies is pleased to announce the opening of PROSINT, our professional division for Open-Source Intelligence reporting. Serving clients in legal, executive and HNWI sectors, PROSINT brings over 23 years of proven excellence in intelligence services and digital security expertise to clients who require information support for litigation processes, executive team security, hiring processes, intellectual property protection, travel security intelligence and more.

Examples of our valued client types include Fortune-100 Companies, C-Level Executives, Boards of Directors, Athletes, Celebrities, Politicians, Law Firms, Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

PROSINT’s Services are Designed for Your Specific Needs

Our services are distilled from decades of industry-best practices in government, legal and corporate intelligence operations. Below are some of our primary service offerings:

Executive Digital Footprint – The Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) is a highly specialized and discrete white-glove assessment that provides a detailed online profile of an individual and his/ her family. Our analysts pull as much individual-specific information as possible from the Open-Source in order to create an accurate snapshot of the client’s online presence. Our PROSINT team analyzes this data in order to determine what publicly available data could be leveraged by adversaries to target a client or their family.

E-Discovery – PROSINT helps law firms optimize their E-Discovery* and litigation by discovering social media and web content associated with individuals or litigation matters of interest. All of the content identified in our process is manually verified and presented in a way that helps expedite the legal process for the client.

Ad Hoc Investigations – Any issue that requires more information and analysis can be addressed with a PROSINT Secure Ad Hoc Investigation, regardless of its size or scope. Detailed investigations can cover a wide range of issues, including: Groups/People of Interest; Cyber/Physical Adversaries; Fraud; Stalking; Insider Threats; Planned Protests/Boycotts; Misinformation & Leaked Information; Intellectual Property; and Dark Web Investigations.

Travel Intelligence Reports – Whether it’s an organization sending one of their executives overseas or a high net-worth individual planning a family vacation, PROSINT Secure’s Travel Intelligence Report provides valuable information to the traveler and their organization regarding their upcoming trip. Our travel reports provide a security assessment of the destination country and cities that will be visited.  Our Travel Intelligence Reports are intended to be used as an all-inclusive manual for reference during or after an emergency while overseas. We have conducted these assessments for travel to just about every corner of the world, including destinations within the US. Each report is different and highly customizable, depending on the destination, nature of the trip, international travel experience and any specific client concerns.

Intelligence reporting varies in scope and content from one industry to the next. Below are some of the specific applications for our services, arranged by industry type.

Legal Services

◊ Social Media Activity & Hidden Accounts Discovery

◊ Adult & Affair Website Memberships

◊ In-Depth Credit Checks & Financial Activity Indicators

◊ Secret Email Accounts Discovery

◊ Reputation Control Efforts

◊ Dark Web Investigations

Corporate & Executive Services

◊ Executive Digital Footprint Analysis

◊ Family, Friends & Colleagues Online Risk Analysis

◊ Home & Clandestine Threat Assessment

◊ Asset & Credential Data Protections

◊ Travel Intelligence & Risk Assessments

◊ Travel Security Protocol & Recommendations

◊ Intelligence Support for Digital & Physical Security

Travel Intelligence Solutions

◊ Destination City Travel Advisories

◊ Digital Security for Home and Business While You’re Away

◊ Secure Your Sensitive Documents and Finances While Abroad

◊ Destination City Security Reports & Recommendations

◊ Pre-Travel Preparation

◊ Allocation of Medical Services for Ongoing Treatments

◊ Security Protocol During Travel and At Your Destination