Beers With Bad Guys Episode 003 -Choose US

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Beers With Bad Guys Episode 003 -Choose US

On this episode of Beers with Bad Guys, we will be talking about why you should hire us to check out your network. Our goal is to add another layer of security to your network. 

What do we do?

We engage with your organization to make sure your network is secure by using a scoping document. Then a couple of hours later you will receive a call from us with a quote. We will give you a list of secure parts of your network and any bad things we may have found. We will work hand and hand with your IT department to fix the problem areas in your system. We want to show you the true RISKS to your network. We will be checking the meat of your network, along with checking your firewall. Our biggest mission is to check your “insides” because if someone gets inside that will cause chaos.

Do I need my wireless tested?

We always test the wireless and highly recommend it.

Why do we test the wireless?

One of your employees may build their own network which could be faulty.

You could be using TERRIBLE passwords

We always test for an evil twin ( a hacker) who is trying to steal your customers usernames and passwords.

The US Government created a list of 25 companies who cannot pay your ransom too. Those companies are considered terrorists. So don’t end up in a sticky situation, contact us today!

We are hiring!  We are looking for some Unicorns.

Forensic Analyst – Degree in Cyber Forensics, if you can go through and not just image something let us know!

Information Security Engineers – Pen tester or inquisitive. This is the job for you.

Intelligence Analyst– Stalk people on Facebook? We will give the tools!

Digital Marketing Specialists -If you know about this then you know more than us.

Business Development Managers– Basically a sales job.

Click here to go to our careers page!

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