Beers with Bad Guys Episode 001 – Ransom Notes

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Beers with Bad Guys Episode 001 – Ransom Notes

Have you received a “Ransom Note”? Are you worried that your company could actually be held at ransom? Not sure what to do about it? Watch episode one of Beers With Bad Guys to listen about ransom notes from a digital security and Ransomware perspective.

Nowadays companies are being hacked and ransomed left and right. It is not a matter of if you will  be hacked it is when. The first step if you get a ransom note is to get professional help. Most of the time, if you just pay what the ransom the encryption code the hacker will give you won’t actually work. Or you pay and the next week you get another ransom note for more money. 

Kevin Conley Secure Network Technology’s managing partner, Steve Stasiukonis Secure Network Technology’s other managing partner and Megan Cardish created this first episode to speak the truth on this subject. 

Now if you do get a ransom note and realize your system is hacked more than likely the first thing you will do is cry. Which is a completely normal response. The second thing is to figure out if you have backups? You could try to restore your backups and find out how your hacker got in. Another step you will try to think of would be unplugging your system but if you do that you could potentially anger your hacker thus causing them to do something you might regret. The best bet is for you to contact a professional to handle it for you. 

The FBI will not help you, Interpol will not help you, not even your local police station will help you. You need to contact a professional cyber security company to help you handle this. 

Types of Ransom Notes

There are many different types of ransom notes you might get when you’ve been hit by a cyberattack. Some are more sophisticated from others, and that can actually tell us a lot about the ransom note country of origin as well as imply some level of distinguishable skill in the criminal’s background (i.e. do they know to send you to a bitcoin storefront in NYC?). But that’s for another article. Here are some of the ransom note types you may come across if you’ve been hit with something like bitlocker or another crypto attack.

Time constraint & Ransom Doubles

This type of hacker gives you a specific amount of time to pay him or he will double the ransom. When you pay him you will get a decryption code that hopefully works. In our example this guy did his homework. We can tell by how he gave specific locations where you can get the ransom. He is more than likely a domestic hacker. You are exchanging it for a description key.

Got Backups

This type of hacker steals your backups thus you are basically screwed. This type of hackers have probably been in there for a couple of months. In our example this hacker is really trying to intimidate you to not get help from anyone. To help avoid this do not make the stupid mistake of having all of your backups on the same domain.

Ransomware proof of description

This type of hacker tells you that if you give him some of your files then he will prove that he hacked you. In this case you would be corresponding a lot with your hacker which will cause a bit of a rapport between you. Just know that this hacker is not your friend and they have covered their tracks and you likely won’t get anything back. 

Code for communication

This type of hacker has locked up hundreds of people and he needs to keep track of all of these people by giving them specific numbers. So the hacker will tell you to contact them but keep in there the specific code. 

Dark web

This hacker will send you a dark web link and tell you to follow the steps in order to community with them. These guys are really bad guys. Do NOT use your personal computer. Do NOT use your personal email. USe a burner computer and anonymous email so more Malware is not put into your computer.

Ransom the destruction of Data

This hacker is the worst, they have all of your company’s data and you have to pay for it. Not only will you have to pay a substantial price for unlocking the solution but another price on the data destruction. If you do not pay the hacker then your company’s data will be put out to the media and the public. Which will cause even more pain and money on your side  by the amount of lawyers and lawsuits that will be coming after you. 

Key things to take away:

  1. Don’t use email or personal computers.
  2. Burner system is important.
  3. Use an anonymous messenger service.
  4. Use anonymous email service.
  5. Get TOR Browser dark web access.
  6. Use a VPN service even with TOR.
  7. Get a Bitcoin wallet.

Do not try to communicate yourself. Call Secure Network Technologies that way the bad guys won’t know what hit them. 

By: Secure Network Technologies