Bullshit We Hear

We have three of the managing partners for Secure Network sit down to tell us all the bullshit they have heard for the past twenty-five years. 

“We just need an external penetration test” -Bullshit, 95% of breaches and hacks are because someone hacked into the inside through a vulnerability. Make sure you are covered from the inside out.

“All my users need to be admins” – Bullshit, the goal is to make as few admins as possible. The more people with that access will just create more vulnerabilities. It is very simple for one of them to be phished and give up their credentials. 

“Linux cannot get compromised” – Bullshit, we have actually done a number of incident responses on Linux issues.

“Cloud security completely secures me” – Bullshit, a lot of hacks that we see originate from the cloud. It can be hacked and you need penetration testing.

“My Facebook account got hacked” – Bullshit, you gave someone your credentials. 

“We don’t need a security pentest, our I.T. guys can do this” Bullshit, we always find more than they ever find. 

“RDP is safe if you change the port” – Bullshit, more than half of our incident responses are because of RDP. 

“We’re too small to get hacked” – Bullshit, if you have money then you can get hacked. 

“We’re good we have cyber insurance” – Bullshit, if you do get hacked it will most likely be one of the worst days of your life. It will take months, maybe a year to recover your backup system if you are lucky.

“My network is impossible to hack” -Bullshit, every network can be hacked. 

Don’t let yourself be fooled by these bullshit ideas, come to Secure Network today to find out what security measures your business needs.

By: Secure Network Technologies