Cybersecurity Compliance in the Retail Industry

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Cybersecurity Compliance in the Retail Industry

In this industry there are many moving parts which need to be secured. This industry is all about connecting and communicating with the public which leaves your network extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

An example of this is if you own a hotel in New Orleans and it is the week of Mardi Gras; a hacker can see you as a huge target. They could hack your system and hold your rooms “hostage” until you pay a ginormous few to gain access back to them. You might say now that that would never happen and if it did you could just get your I.T guy to fix it. But these hackers will do it at the worst time possible for you and your I.T. guy is not going to be able to hack the hackers. 

Don’t let this type of thing happen to you, stay up to date on your cybersecurity compliance. Contact Secure Network today to learn more about the pen testing, device testing and intrusion testing we can do to make sure your secure information is locked up tight. To learn more about what compliance you are responsible for click here.

By: Secure Network Technologies