Hackers Are Remote Workers Too

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Hackers Are Remote Workers Too

This week on Beers with Bad Guys, Kevin and I sat down to talk about the remote worker. Most people in the past year were sent home to work during the pandemic. This has opened up your business to severe vulnerabilities. We look at everyone being sent home to work as Threat Vector 1.0. Now that they are coming back into the office we are calling it Threat Vector 2.0.

Since everyone is coming back into the office, they are bringing in their devices that could have been compromised in their homes. In a well respected survey we found out that 52% of people admitted to allowing other family members to use their work devices. This opens your work devices up to numerous threats. 

We believe that the bad guys have infiltrated devices in your workers homes and are laying dormant until they are hooked back up in the office. We also believe that they will lay dormant until a holiday like CHristmas Eve or New Year’s Eve before attacking. That way they have better access to your network, most everyone will be back in the office and your defenses will be down. 

To help keep the bad guys away make sure to have your I.T. people look over everyone’s computer. Make sure the devices are updated regularly and of course already have a relationship with a Cybersecurity Company. 

We believe that companies will be hit very hard within the next few months. Get yourself protected today by contacting Secure Network Technologies here

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  • Steve Stasiukonis, Managing Partner 
By: Secure Network Technologies