Engineering & Manufacturing

Hackers Have Their Own Form Of Engineering.

Is Your I.P. & Data REALLY Protected?

Engineering, manufacturing and distribution organizations have more than just their staff, vendor and customer data to protect. Hackers target designs and intellectual property that are of national and competitive interest – originating from both foreign and national entities seeking to gain a competitive advantage. Protect your network, data and intellectual property the right way – with a team dedicated discovering and blocking all the vulnerabilities.

Staff, Vendor & Customer Data

When the right data is found by the wrong people, it can compromise more than just your business. Data leaks have implications for personal security, national security, customer trust and more. When your business is on the line, “just enough” is not enough. Surpass “compliance” and work with a team that really knows how to harden your digital security.

Designs & Intellectual Property

It’s no secret that corporate and state-sponsored espionage is a hot ticket item in dark corners of the web. Foreign entities and competitors can resort to data and IP theft to get ahead. Your organization must be prepared to prevent the far-reaching damage that compliance and conventional security means just can’t keep up with.

Civil Engineering & National Interest

Many forms of engineering put the security of the population at risk. Securing your civil engineering, community planning and government IP is more important than ever before in history – and it’s getting worse. With the recent SolarWinds and Exchange hacks, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of critical IP end up in the wrong hands. Do more than just meet security standards – exceed them with a team that’s trained to think like the bad guys.

Reputation Damage & Associated Costs

Reputation damage is a major concern after experiencing a cyber attack. The personal data exposure of student, faculty and professionals can create a massive liability scenario for engineering firms. Direct financial loss is also a major problem with the advent of social engineering and redirected payment attacks, often resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Secure Network can identify your security gaps and train your staff to prevent these types of crippling or fatal disasters.