Cyber Security for Healthcare

We keep the bad guys out of your Healthcare Facility, Network & patient health records.

Secure Network Technologies has been securing healthcare, corporate and government organizations for over 20 years. Download this guide to learn more about our specialized healthcare security services, and begin protecting your healthcare organization, and your patients, today. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team, click here to head over to the contact page and one of our account managers will reply to set up a time!

Download Our Healthcare Cyber Security Services Guide

Cyber securtiy services for Healthcare: Incident Response


Secure Network personnel have the experience and expertise required to properly manage and respond to a healthcare facility security breach. Incident response is a unique field of information security and risk management that focuses on managing data loss and maintaining business continuity following a security breach or incident.

Secure Network staff works with our healthcare clients to identify the nature and extent of the incident at hand and secure your patients’ critical health records and information. The idea is to build an effective mitigation strategy as quickly as possible, covering the entire range of the breach. Secure Network takes a tactical approach to every incident response case. We then work with the client to provide strategic risk mitigation guidance to prevent future incidents.

Cyber securtiy services for Healthcare: Penetration & Intrusion Testing


Our experienced cyber security team performs penetration testing specific to the needs of healthcare facilities in the United States. Schedule your regular pen-testing with Secure Network and ensure your organization will always meet state and federal patient data requirements and HIPAA compliance.

In addition, we are familiar with the unique challenges of maintaining the integrity of access control at healthcare facilities. Our experienced intrusion testing team is able to perform a number of perimeter and premises testing to provide your security team with a comprehensive report, detailing all security flaws and gaps for use in remediation efforts. With Secure Network Technologies, your staff, your patients and their data will be secured by capable hands.