The “B-WORD” – It’s not what you think

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The “B-WORD” – It’s not what you think

This past week crazy indents have been happening that involve lawyers. Now lawyers tend to get involved when the “B-word” is used, this “B-word” is not the same one you grew up with, our “B-word” is actually breach. In the legal world if they use breach then it means something bad took place. We use the word incident usually until we find out if a breach actually occurred.  

So the word you use if you are compromised is incident. If you believe you have an incident have your security provider and I.T. department look into the suspicious web traffic. Now it is important to hire your own attorney who has knowledge of cyber security. Your insurance company may want you to use their own attorney who would be a complete stranger in your network. You will want familiar faces around you in that terrible time. Having your own attorney will give you protection and peace of mind. 

Now if you are compromised step one, call your provider to notify them. Step two is call your attorney, then call your insurance company with your attorney on the phone as well. Having a plan for just incase will make you feel much more secure. If you have a security firm ready to go that will help too. 

One last pro tip with the vaccine coming out there will be so many fake phishing scams. Make sure you slow down and check everything over. Go directly to the page, and don’t just click on the links.  You can watch the video here.

INTERNET GENERALS WARNING: The content referenced in this presentation is for educational purposes only, we are NOT lawyers. But we have heard them say it enough to trust them. If you need advice, call your attorney.

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