Would you rather your business burn down or be hacked?

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Would you rather your business burn down or be hacked?

This week on Beers with Bad Guys I was joined by Jim Ockenden, our new security advisor and managing partner Kevin Conley. We ask the question, “what do you think is worse? Your business being hacked or your business building burning down”.

Now I can see that that is a very strange question but Jim’s business building actually burned down a few years ago. They had just renovated their office with new furniture the days before the fire. Jim said that he watched the news that Monday morning and realized it was his office that was on fire. 

At 6:15 a. m. the top managers of the company met in one of the employee’s kitchens to figure out a game plan. By 8:30 a. m. Jim’s team had managed to set up their business help center and had an idea about how they would proceed. It turned out that all of their physical assets were destroyed in the fire. Luckily, the company had backed up their data at different external locations. It took three weeks to start to get equipment in for their employees. It took multiple weeks to find a building that would work for their employees and the network set up they needed and finally after nine months their original building was rebuilt. Now during this whole time Jim’s company client’s had no idea that there was anything wrong. Some even apologized for calling after they found out about the fire.

Now when your network has been hacked, you are locked out of your business for at least thirty days. It takes months to get back to any sense of normalcy in the workplace. So, Jim answered that earlier question of what’s worse? He said that he would choose the fire all over again rather than having his network be hacked. 

The key takeaways from this story is to make sure your business is up to date on your office insurance and test your network. Contact Secure Network Technologies today to make sure you are protected on all sides. Watch the latest Beers with Bad Guys episode here.

-Steve Stasiukonis, Managing Partner

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