Amazon Selling Malware Infested Hard Drives

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Amazon Selling Malware Infested Hard Drives

CNYCentral interviewed our Investigator Bob Clary. After purchasing ten 120GB hard drives from Amazon. Bob discovered that six of the ten were purchased from KESU manufacturing and that those six had a trojan worm in them. The six drives originally came from a company in France and were going to be used in DVR’s. 

All of the drives had the same program banners, program pictures. So the company had an image that they were making all of their drives from, that image had the malware on it. Once the manufacturers realized all of the drives were tainted they dumped all of the drives. Then a reseller grabbed them and sold all of them to China to be reused and sold. That is when KESU took them and resold them on Amazon. 

Bob could easily tell that something was wrong when he used the drive with his Mac. The trojan was put in a hidden file that started working once the drive was inserted. What is more concerning is the fact that two years ago someone else left a review on Amazon saying the drives had Malware yet Amazon did nothing. We notified Amazon of the Malware in the different drives and they acted as though they were more concerned about having an unhappy customer and giving a refund. Rather than selling pieces of technology that are covered in armful Malware. When CNYCentral spoke to Amazon they said, “The products in question have been removed from our store and we’ve taken action on the bad actors”.

We found other people’s data on the drive such as chat logs, home videos and even internet history. Now when you throw away your old laptop, people will go in and take your old drive and resell it just as is. Make sure you erase all of your information before you get rid of any old technology. 

Do not buy these drives off Amazon. If the drive is not the current size of GB that everyone is using then do not purchase it. Only buy things from well known vendors. At this time Amazon is the bad guy and Kesu is the bad guy. Do your research before buying so you don’t get hacked.

Watch the interview here.

By: Secure Network Technologies