Secure Network Technologies, Inc. understands the dynamic threats facing businesses today and will work with your staff to develop a solution that works. Secure Network staff are certified by the National Security Agency’s IAM/IEM, Offensive Security, and other highly respected organizations.

Network Security Assessments

  • Discover internal and external network visibility.
  • Target network resources.
  • Locate vulnerable network points

Social Engineering

  • Exploit human security vulnerabilities.
  • Gaining access to physical facilities and confidential information.
  • Assist in the creation of training materials.

Application Security

  • Determine the security of company databases.
  • Ensure that the organization's confidential data is secure.
  • Discover business application security vulnerabilities.

Physical security

  • Assess the security of physical access controls.
  • Ensure there are no surveillance tools in the facility.
  • Protect the confidential integrity of meetings.

computer forensics

  • Identify and collect digital evidence while establishing chain of custody.
  • Recover all data stored on the digital media.
  • Analyze data to extract useful information.


  • Support over 3,000 different mobile devices
  • Retrieve all data from mobile devices.
  • Analyze data and present findings.

Digital investigations

  • Determine the organization's social networks exposure.
  • Investigate employees network activity.
  • Discover potential social media vulnerabilities.

Incident response

  • Respond to a security breach in a swift and organized manner.
  • Identify potential persistent threats.
  • Assist in the recovery process, maintaining business continuity.

network investigations

  • Monitor the organizations network to identify active threats.
  • Discover insecure network usage by employees.
  • Utilize information gathered to improve policies.


  • Educate employees through custom training seminars on information security threats, adversaries, and how to identify and prevent data loss.
  • Create custom training material and educational videos to complement organizations new hire programs and to maintain ongoing organizational information security awareness.