Sophos State of Cybersecurity 2022 Report

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Sophos State of Cybersecurity 2022 Report

Sophos has released their 2022 report on the current state of cybersecurity. Click the images below to download the report or view in-browser as a PDF.

Sophos State of Ransomware 2022 Report

Sophos’ annual study of the real-world ransomware experiences of IT professionals working at the frontline has revealed an ever more challenging attack environment together with the growing financial and operational burden ransomware places on its victims. It also shines new light on the relationship between ransomware and cyber insurance, and the role insurance is playing in driving changes to cyber defenses.

Some Interesting Highlights from the 2022 Report

  • 46% of all surveyed hacking victims end up paying the ransom.
  • Only 4% of victims who paid the ransom got ALL their data back.
  • 90% of victims hit by a Ransomware attack report their ability to operate was significantly impacted
  • The average cost of remediation per attack is $1.4 million.
  • 72% of victims report that they had placed their faith in approaches that do not prevent attacks.
  • 88% of victims say they have a sufficient cybersecurity budget and a sufficient cybersecurity headcount.
  • Over 58% of US corporations alone were hit by Ransomware in 2021

Some Advice from Secure Network Technologies Base on This Data

  • Do not rely on endpoint protection and virus scans alone to protect your organization.
  • Get the BEST Cybersecurity Team on your side to prevent these fatal situations. It’s a lot cheaper than the $1.4 million average cost of remediation after the fact.
  • Penetration testing, incident response preparedness and detailed network assessments are the best initial actions you can take to secure your organization against these debilitating attacks. Secure Network is an industry-best provider of these services.
  • Don’t wait. Get protected. Contact us for a free consultation.

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