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When your application is accepted, the world-class ethical hackers and forensic investigators at Secure Network are at the service of your valued clients. If you’re on the front lines of protecting your clients’ network, information systems and digital security – we want to talk to you. Earn while you protect, get access to outstanding resources and provide detailed training for your sales and account teams. Click below to explore.

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Earn while you sell cybersecurity services! Secure Network’s Preferred Partner Program is designed to help your sales team succeed in selling our services like penetration testing, incident response, red/purple team exercises and more. You’ll gain access to our resources and services to offer your clients.
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Get Hacked Before You Get Hacked

Secure Network Technologies is a team of highly trained, specialized and experienced white hat hackers. We take the time to do the deep research required to understand how your adversaries are planning to crack your network… then we employ the same tactics to give you the blueprint. 
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HAVEN: Holistic 360 Security

HAVEN is a network of CPA’s, attorneys, IT professionals and Security Specialists all managed under the roof of one easy-to manage service, with one contact to worry about. No more managing your compliance certifications, security conventions and incident response. You’re covered and managed with HAVEN. When a cyber security incident does rear it’s ugly head, HAVEN jumps into action
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Hacked for the Holidays

Cyber criminals are typically snooping around in your network for an average of 180 days before they take action. That action tends to come on a day when no one is at the office to realize something fishy is going on… and that day tends to be a holiday of ANY sort.
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October is Cyber Security Month

Is your organization protected? Sign up here to get a free consultation and speak with one of Secure Network’s Digital Security Advisors about our services. Securing your organization against bad actors requires more than compliance standards and virus scans – speak with us to learn more today.
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Trusted Security for Financial Institutions

When it comes to ensuring your financial services business or institution is fortified, traditional digital security measures fall short. SOC Certification is only the beginning – our forensic investigators and ethical hackers go to work on every aspect of your network.
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